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Invest in Diamonds


RS Diamonds: Risk-free Way to Grow and Save Your Wealth

Diamonds have been used for the longest time as the safest medium for long-term investments and capital preservation. Not only are they the safest wealth accumulation, but also, they perfectly work as a hedge against political and financial catastrophe.

Somebody said it right Diamonds go well with everything, even with the investments!

Why Invest in Diamonds?

Put some glint in your life through reliable RS Diamonds.

Experienced and expert investors and the investment community are always on the search for safe alternative investments as the demand for such investments is growing more than ever. Especially colored diamonds are all the rage and are amazing natural resources that you can turn into stable financial investments.

For instance, the need for white diamonds is enhanced due to the elevated demand in the BRIC countries. (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

As the global financial wealth grows, the diamond’s need increases.

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Benefits of Investing in Diamonds

  • Emergency Savior: Life is unpredictable, it changes, and you may sometimes encounter emergencies as well. In that case, diamonds are the best assets and can be carried out anywhere you need to go.
  • Lucrative Returns: Diamond investments have high historical performance with an anticipated price increase usually driven by the high demand.
  • Financial Gains: Return on investments (ROI) on diamonds is tax-free for individuals when they invest in diamonds that are rooted in jewelry. The investment-grade diamonds are free from the VAT (Value Added Tax) for individual investors if diamonds are placed in deposits beyond the European Union ( EU).
  • Non-Volatile Commodity: Diamonds have stabilized their position in the investment market for almost 30 years with the rising trend and exclusion of the slight fluctuations. Diamond prices do not respond the same way as other commodities.

What are the Best Investment Grade Diamonds?

There are two types of the investment-grade diamonds that investors usually want to invest in:

  • The first type is fancy colored diamonds with VS clarities (It is a grading range) and fancy color grading. For example, those fancy colored diamonds which have one color with a secondary color (Pink vs. purplish pink) are preferred.
  • The second type includes goods that are usually referred to as the “ABC/Standard” or “bread butter goods”. These goods consist of the D-J color, 1-5 carat, IFSI1 and round GIA Certified diamonds.

Further, investment-grade diamonds are rare diamonds, and their value is judged on the basis of their quality, color and size.

Here is what RS suggests for the standard investment-grade diamonds:

  • Diamonds over the 3.00 Carats
  • Pink diamonds but specifically Argyle pink diamonds with the extreme color intensity
  • High-quality Large diamonds over the 5-10 Carats of high quality
  • Blue diamonds

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For Long and How Much You Should Invest in Diamonds?

If you are a beginner, RS Diamonds recommend you start investing gradually and slowly to find a long-term and rare diamond. Also, it’s not necessary to always invest less in particular diamonds, like in the small size of the Argyle Pink diamonds.

Return on Investment (ROI) on The Diamonds- Index

Investing in the diamonds should be long-term, i.e., 4-8 years. However, the returns are totally dependable on the risk profile.

Here we are mentioning the industry analysis which has been valid for the past 10 years:

  • 3 Carat Round White Brilliant: It has increased on average by 131%- (2005-to, 2015)

Source: Rapaport Price Index

  • 1 Carat Pink Diamond: It has s increased on the whole by 384% ( 2005-2015)

Source: The Fancy Color Research Foundation

  • 5 Carat Round White Brilliant: It has increased by and large by 94% (2005-2015)

Source: Rapaport Price Index

  • 1 Carat Blue Diamond: It Has increased on average by 384% (2005- 2015)

Invest with the Reliable – RS Diamonds

RS Diamonds has more than 4 years of industrial experience in the Diamond Market, and it is a Denmark Copenhagen-based certified diamond trading company.

We specialize in alternative investments, colored/colorless diamonds and valuable gemstones, including Emeralds, Sapphire and Rubies that we source directly from the mine/market without including middlemen.

The direct access from the mine to the market enables the RS Diamonds to provide real investment-grade diamonds along with the best prices.

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